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Terms of Use

I hereby grant to Maine Loves Public Schools (”MLPS”) permission to utilize certain content, photographs, video and digital images, which I have submitted to MLPS via email and social media, or which have been captured by MLPS through video, photography conferencing applications or any other media now known or hereinafter devised (collectively, ​“Images”).The Images may be used for any purposes in connection with educating people about MLPS and its activities. MLPS may crop, alter or modify the Images and combine such Images with other images, texts, audio recordings and graphics without notifying me.  The Consent will remain in full force and effect until it is revoked by me.

I have read and understand this information. I am aware that by submitting content I am giving permission to MLPS to use Images of me (or Images of my child in the event they are a minor) for the purposes described above.  All Images shall be the property of MLPS.


In addition, to the extent other people are included in the Images, I have obtained their consent for MLPS to utilize such Images for the same purposes as described in the first paragraph.

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